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Environment Friendly Manufacturing

Fashion Villaz is running all operations on 100% green energy. We have set up our own Solar Power generation plant which provides a consistent supply of green energy to our production facility. We are currently a 100% solar garment manufacturing firm and we keep scaling up our solar capacity with our increasing production capacity. Our solar plant is located in Hyderabad, Pakistan, which has an ample amount of sunshine to power our facility.

Our mission is to produce in an environmentally sustainable ecosystem and our solar plant is a stepping stone in that direction. We aim to minimize our impact on the planet's health and build a safer planet for the sake of our future.

We also run 100% Solar masks and gown production. The clean energy ambition allows us to produce shirts, jackets, workwear and sweaters while being environmentally sustainable.

Green Energy Fashion Villaz

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About us

Fashion Villaz is a Garment Manufacturer based in Pakistan. We are situated in Hyderabad, around 150km from the Sea Port.

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