As Fashion Villaz, we want to partner up with you and fulfil your supply orders. We have a large facility for the production of face masks, surgical gowns, shirts, jackets, sweaters, pants, shorts, skirts and workwear.  With such a large variety of products, we want to work with you for all your textile and apparel needs.

Our production facility has the tightest quality control, state-of-the-art machinery, is certified by leading industry standards, and we have enough flexibility to cover anything and everything from small order quantities to massive bulk production.

Fashion Villaz Manufacturing plant


We have a dedicated sweaters division and a dedicated garments division to ensure quality and flexibility for our clients. Fashion Villaz has the latest machinery and equipment which allows us to scale from small quantities to bulk orders with ease.

Storage Spaces

Our production facility is based on a 100,000 sq feet plant, and therefore, we have massive storage facility and warehouse for managing bulk orders and providing breathing space for our articles before shipment.

Quality Control

We have employed industry-leading quality control protocols across all our different production facilities so the end product has already been checked numerous times before leaving our factory.


We have designed our manufacturing facility in such a way that it promises flexibility. We can handle small orders and massive bulk production depending on the needs of our clients.

All customers are equally important to us.

The smoothest possible manufacturing process

Production Capabilities

Our expertise in Garment manufacturing comes from over 20 years of hard work. We are well-suited to producing the highest quality shirts,  jackets and workwear, and the products are all tested to have a long life. We are capable of producing more than 40 thousand units per month with our sophisticated planning and an effective supply chain.  Our shirts manufacturing plant has employed the best labor, to maintain our corporate social responsibility,

Sourcing at Fashion Villaz


Our sourcing division helps us to source the fabrics and raw material at cost effective rates, resulting in a competitive final price.

Manufacturing in Fashion Villaz


Our machinery setup allows us to be flexible in production and being able to produce anywhere between small quantities to bulk production.

Order delivery at fashion Villaz


Our designated logistics department manages the deliveries for local as well as International shipping, allowing for quick deliveries at competitive prices.

Our specialized teams cover the entire process from sourcing thru manufacturing and  delivery of garments.

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About Company

About us

Fashion Villaz is a Garment Manufacturer based in Pakistan. We are situated in Hyderabad, around 150km from the Sea Port.

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