Trousers Manufacturers

Fashion Villaz has been producing top-notch quality trousers for our sister company, Brumano. We have experience in jeans and chinos manufacturing and put forward special attention to detail for each and every single product. Our research and development efforts allow us to make trousers here in Pakistan to be of the highest quality.

Our design team works with Brumano as well as with the leading fashion houses to bring forth the latest fashion, the latest trouser technologies to the front. We have a high quality jeans manufacturing facility in place to allow us to work with stone-washed, micro-modal, stone washed, dark washed and other types of denim ensuring all flexibility for our customers.

Our world-class machinery allows us to work as efficiently as possible, all while maintaining a rigorous set of standards. It is the same machinery which keeps us flexible and allows us to work on many different designs at the same time, even at smaller quantities. We are certified by European and American standards which guarantee our commitment to honest and regulated business practices.


Blue Slim Fit Jeans Trousers Manufacturing Brumano

Trousers manufacturing for retail brands

You can view our trouser collection at Brumano which will give you an insight to our production quality, not only covering denim, but chinos and pyjamas as well. We source the highest quality fabric and buttons to bring the best feel forward. 

At Fashion Villaz, one of our core values is being environmentally friendly, which is why we are one of the few production facilities across the globe operating at 100% green energy. We take pride in our solar powered manufacturing plant and we maintain a chinos production facility free of traditional means of power generation. We aim to facilitate you with all your queries so feel free to contact us here!