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Fashion Villaz is reliable t-shirt manufacturer in Pakistan. We offer wide range of quality t-shirts at competitive prices.

Pakistan’s textile industry is renowned worldwide for its high-quality cotton, excellent craftsmanship, and affordable prices. As a result, many global fashion brands prefer to source their garments from Pakistani knitwear manufacturers.

T-shirt manufacturer pakistan

If you’re looking for a t-shirt manufacturer in Pakistan, look no further.
We are a reliable source for your garment manufacturing.

Here are some key reasons why to choose Fashion as your t-shirt manufacturer
in Pakistan:

1.     Quality: The quality of the t-shirts is essential to your brand’s reputation. We always
procure high-quality cotton which results durable and comfortable t-shirts.

2.     Small MOQ: Even though we have a capacity to produce upto 5000 pcs/day, we accept small MOQ of 300 pcs / color

3.     Customization: We offer different customizations including printing & embroidery to meet your requirements.

4.     Competitive Price: The cost of manufacturing is a crucial factor in any business & we understand that. We offer competitive pricing while maintaining quality standards.

T-shirts small MOQ manufacturer

We offer following customizations to create value addition for our valuable

1.     Screen Printing: This is one of the most popular methods of t-shirt customization. It involves creating a stencil of the design and using it to apply ink onto the fabric. This process is ideal for large batches of t-shirts with the same design.

2.     Embroidery: This process involves stitching the design onto the fabric using thread. It’s a durable method of customization and works well for smaller designs.

heat transfer for t-shirts  

3.     Heat Transfer: This process involves printing the design onto transfer paper and then using heat to transfer it onto the fabric. It’s ideal for smaller batches
of t-shirts with intricate designs.

4.     Direct-to-Garment Printing: This is a digital printing process that involves printing the design directly onto the fabric. It’s ideal for small batches of t-shirts with complex designs.

T-Shirt Manufacturer in Pakistan

In addition to producing high-quality t-shirts, we as a garment manufacturer have also adopted eco-friendly production practices.

We are 100% Solar Powered. By choosing us as your t-shirt manufacturer in Pakistan, you can contribute to the global movement towards more responsible fashion practices.

Feel free to reach us out with your inquiry for a quick quote.

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